landscape of the limay river


Experience in family and with friends the sailing by the three most emblematic rivers of the Rio Negro and Neuquen valley.

Our route begins on the “Paseo de la Costa” walk along the Limay River, located 15 minutes from Neuquén city center. We start our journey down the river observing the different meanders and streams of the Limay River. We continue bordering the “Isla de las Aves” island until we arrive to the Neuquén River. From that point we can see the birth of the Rio Negro and the Jordan Island to finally return to the channel of the river and sail upstream to the coastal walk where the journey ends.

sailing route
  • el picante with passengers
  • hat
  • passengers with dog

An activity for everyone

This tour is available for people over 4 years old. It does not require any kind of skill or prior knowledge, only the will to enjoy. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

Data of the route
Duration 60 minutes